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eFX-Computer provides services to quickly solve your networking, hardware, or software problems for your computer desktop or laptop, including repairs, tune-ups, installations, and virus detection and cleaning.

What sets eFX-Computer apart is our genuine concern for your computing needs, where our expert staff carefully listens to your unique situation and freely offers you pointers, best practices, and other expert consultative advice. We do this even if we do not need to repair your device. This personal approach stops problems from reoccurring, keeps your computer repair costs low, and is essential for a long term solution to your computing needs.

eFX-Computer also services game consoles, iPhones, and your other smart devices. We also offer a variety of wireless phone plans with the latest 4G speeds and International calling at some of the best prices available, where you may be able to reuse your current phone, or choose from the latest phones and accessories.

When you need quality computer services and expert consulting advice, simply bring in your computer, game console, or smart device to eFX-Computer, or call us for an initial consultation or to arrange a service visit to your home or place of business.

iPhone 5 repair, screen, lcd

iPhone 5/5s/5C

iPhone 5/5s/5C LCD/Screen replace
iPhone 5/C Home Button repair, iPhone 5s Home button replacement touch ID wont work.
iPhone 5/5s/5C Usb port/charging port connector replace
iPhone 5/5s/5C Battery
iPhone 5/5s/5C Unlock. Some carrier supported depends on server status.

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S LCD Screen Repair$85 + tax [6 months warranty]
iPhone 5S Battery Replace$27.50 + tax
iPhone 5S Usb Charging Port$40 + tax
iPhone 5S Home Button repair$45 + tax
iPhone 5S GSM Factory unlockCall

iPhone 6 Repair

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 LCD/Screen replace$115 + tax [6 months warranty]
iPhone 6 Home Button repair$35 + tax
iPhone 6 Usb port/connector replace$45 + tax
iPhone 6 UnlockCall


Most Repairs Turn Around:

iPhone screen repairs = 30min – 1 hour *

iPhone charging port = 45 min – 1 hour *

iPhone battery replacement = 30 min – 45min*

iPhone battery replacement = 30min – 45min *

iPhone Unlock = 1-5 Days. Some iPhone can be done same day but in some cases it will take few days, depending on server status.

* First come first serve, most of the time phones are finished in 30min – 1 hour

For online tech support you won’t need to install anything, please just make a click on the icon, run the application and that’s it.