PS4 Repairs

  • HDMI Port Repair Regular Models


    For all PS4 regular models

  • HDMI Port Repair Pro/Slim Models


    For PS4 Slim / Pro Models

  • HDMI Video Output IC


    If your HDMI port is not broken and you are getting white light but no image then this is the repair that you need.

  • Overheating Issues


    Starting price for PS4 overheating issues. If fan need replacement it will be additional to $75 for cleaning.

  • Corrupted System


    PS4 is not able to boot or stuck in recovery mode. Sometimes bad HDD can cause this issue and the HDD would need replacement in those cases at additional cost.

  • Disc not reading


    PS4 disc drive repair are least friendly of all PS4 repairs. It could be something simple to cleaning the drive, bad daughter board, bad lens, bad mechanism or completely faulty unit. We do not offer disc drive daughter board repair.