Laptop Power Jack Repair: Broken power jack, loose connection, need wiggle to connect, no power, work with battery but doesn’t work withac adapter.

Laptop Motherboard Repair: no power, power but no boot, over heat, shut down, blue screen, random power off, no sound, no video, no charge, do not recognize device, bad BIOS chip, cannot install OS/software, Wireless, Ethernet (LAN), PCMCIA, and printer port problems. Shut down/hang when moved, AC adapter turns off when plug in.

Laptop LCD Repair: Dim LCD, broken LCD, flickering, vertical line, horizontal line, and dead pixel.Three month warranty for all services.

Quick turn around. It maybe possible to fix your laptop in as little as 24-48 hours; power jack problem especially will be returned in 24 hours if the part is in stock.

Reasonable price. Total cost will be less compared to the cost of the new motherboard. 85% of non functional laptops do not need to have the whole motherboard replaced.

3 months warranty on any repair or replaced part.