Laptop / PC / Custom PC
  • Reinstall Operating System

    Windows not working or running slow? Need to wipe out PC back to stock. We could take care of it.

  • Basic data backup

    Copying hard drive data from one drive to another. Source hard drive must be in working condition.

  • Advance data recovery

    We offer data recovery for electrical issues only. We do not offer failed hard drive head replacement or corrupted firmware.

  • Laptop Power Jack Repair
    $80 – $150

    Broken power jack, loose connection, need wiggle to charge, no power, work with battery but doesn’t work with ac adapter.

  • Laptop LCD / Screen Repair
    Call Now!

    Please send picture of the model number to get rough estimate. To get accurate price and shipping time we would need to get part number from the screen. Dim LCD, broken LCD, flickering, vertical line, horizontal line, and dead pixel. 60 day warranty.

  • Custom PC Diagnostic
    $150 – $250

    Price is for diagnostic and part installation only. Cost for part replacement is not covered in $150-$250.