Do not throw more money at their stores and companies that charge you too much and by time, we don’t charge for time, we charge for work no matter the time it takes us, we have the best rates, with fixed costs and no hidden charges, with us honesty is first.

PC-repair, computer repair, Here are some repair services available

  • Data Recovery From Un-bootable Hard Drives
  • Removal of Spyware From Your PC
  • Removal of Viruses From Your PC
  • Speed up Your Mac or PC
  • Backup Your Data and Important Files
  • Removal of Dust/Debris from Heatsinks and Fans
  • Check Your Hardware
  • Upgrade or Update Your Operating System if Required
  • Upgrade Your PC or Mac if Required
  • Install New Software You Provide
  • Set-Up a New Computer and Printer
  • Set-up Wifi Scurely, Wireless Printers and more!
  • Build You a Custom PC According to Your Budget
  • Operating System Troubleshooting
  • Security optimization
  • Online support

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