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Xbox 360 Repair



If your Xbox 360 is not working properly, you probably need the help of an experienced Xbox 360 repair center. eFX-Computer will get you right back in the game. As a professional Xbox 360 repair service we will not only meet but exceed your expectations in terms of the speed, quality, and cost of your Xbox 360 repairs.

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Replace Xbox 360 FAT DVD-Laser
If your console doesn't read any disc or just movies but games, or get freeze up while you are playing, or the "ejecting disc" message every time you insert a disc, 95% of the times is due to a bad laser len.
Replace Xbox 360 FAT DVD Drive
Sometimes it's just not enough to replace the laser len due to a wear out mechanisms or malfunction of it.
Xbox 360 Red Ring Light Errors "RROD" - Reflow Service (No Warranty)
2-3 Days turn around The RROD and error code "74" are failures are due to stress cracking, cold joints and solder bridges on the BGA processor. If your console haven't been repaired before, you can choose this option for you repair. Would you like to know what a reflow is? Click here and watch us in action.