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PS4 Repair


Playstation  Repair

PlayStation 4 is one of the leading names in video game consoles, and we have been repairing all models of Playstation consoles since their arrival. Most common issue is PS4 HDMI Port. We work quickly and diligently, to ensure sure you or that gamer in your life is back in the gaming seat.


Our rates

PS4 HDMI Port Repair (3 Months Warranty)
Same day to 4 days turn around
If your console doesn't display anything but turns on, 95% of the times is due to a bad HDMI port. This service wont fix BLUE light issues. Call us and we can check it for you.
PS4 HDD upgrades (Labor )
Upgrade your old hard drive to a new one.
$40 + [ Cost of Hard Drive + Tax ]
PS4 Disc Drive Unit Replacement
1-4 business days turn around.
Issues of this type are in most cases caused by a worn out PS4 Blu-Ray Laser, but in rare cases, can also be caused by a defective Blu-Ray Controller Board. Having your PS4's Blu-Ray Laser Assembly replaced is your best bet to have this issue fixed.
$130 + tax [PS4 Slim and Pro cost more, please call to get exact price for your model]
PS4 Overheating (No Warranty)
1-3 business days turn around.
The majority of overheating cases are due to dust being accumulated inside the fan. Deep clean and new thermal paste have fixed this issue 90% of times.
PS4 not turning on
1-3 business days turn around.
This could be multiple issues, from bad caps to power management board.
Price varies by model. Call to check price.