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iPhone Repair

iPhone 5 repair, screen, lcd

iPhone 5/5s/5C

iPhone 5/5s/5C LCD/Screen replace
iPhone 5/C Home Button repair, iPhone 5s Home button replacement touch ID wont work.
iPhone 5/5s/5C Usb port/charging port connector replace
iPhone 5/5s/5C Battery
iPhone 5/5s/5C Unlock. Some carrier supported depends on server status.

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S

iPhone 5S LCD Screen Repair$85 + tax [6 months warranty]
iPhone 5S Battery Replace$27.50 + tax
iPhone 5S Usb Charging Port$40 + tax
iPhone 5S Home Button repair$45 + tax
iPhone 5S GSM Factory unlockCall

iPhone 6 Repair

iPhone 6

iPhone 6 LCD/Screen replace$115 + tax [6 months warranty]
iPhone 6 Home Button repair$35 + tax
iPhone 6 Usb port/connector replace$45 + tax
iPhone 6 UnlockCall


Most Repairs Turn Around:

iPhone screen repairs = 30min – 1 hour *

iPhone charging port = 45 min – 1 hour *

iPhone battery replacement = 30 min – 45min*

iPhone battery replacement = 30min – 45min *

iPhone Unlock = 1-5 Days. Some iPhone can be done same day but in some cases it will take few days, depending on server status.

* First come first serve, most of the time phones are finished in 30min – 1 hour